Welcome To The Fit Mummy Manual

In a society where image is everything, and celebrities appear to go from labour to Levi’s in a matter of days its no wonder we feel such monumental pressure to win back our pre-baby figure in record time.

As of 2013, it’s time for a shift in society; time to create a new movement of healthy, happy, body confident mums; while we close the door on obsessive behaviors, unrealistic celebrity role models and pressure.

Join ‘The Fit Mummy Revolution’ with UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012, Katie Bulmer-Cooke and the UK’s #1 female fitness model, Kelly Rennie.

Do you want to regain your pre-baby figure?

Do you feel under pressure to look good and be a ‘yummy mummy’?

Do you have a mountain of clothes that no longer fit, fasten or feel comfortable?

Do you no longer want to have to wear your maternity jeans, leggings and a long, loose top?

Do you choose the baggy clothes in your wardrobe because they hide your tummy, muffin top, hips, thighs and arms?

Are you constantly tugging and pulling at your clothes because you feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel flabby and un-toned?

Do you look at pictures of yourself pre-pregnancy and feel like there is no hope you will ever get back in shape?

Are sleep deprived and your energy levels are at an all time low?

Do you want to get your ‘sexy’ back?

Do you miss meals because caring for your baby on top of household tasks takes up so much time?

Do you want to feel confident again, in every aspect of your life?

Do you wonder, with envy, how other new mums got their figures back, look so fresh and seem so together?

Do you have no time to go to the gym?

Do you have no childcare, which makes attending the gym impossible?

Do you feel too self conscious to attend the gym or a group fitness class?

Do you miss your pre-baby body?

If none of these apply to you, then congratulations, good for you! You are already in great shape and enjoying good health, and this is not the right place for you right now.

However, if even just a few of these questions resonate with you, then you are without doubt in the right place. The Fit Mummy Manual has been designed with real new mums in mind. Throughout the book, DVD and online course you will be coached by two mums who have walked in your shoes, felt your pain, come through the other side and slipped back into their skinny jeans.

Both Katie and Kelly have given birth to a beautiful daughter each, Heidi and Nevaeh respectfully, and know the struggles and barriers faced by new mums in the quest to regain that illusive pre-baby body. But we’ve done it and now we are going to share exactly how we did it, giving you the exact plan we used and that we give our post natal clients.

Kelly’s Journey from 38 weeks pregnant to 12 weeks post natal

Katie’s Journey from hours AFTER giving birth to 10 weeks post natal